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The first question that we get asked at Hot Rock Coasteer is... What is Coasteering and what does it involve?

First up, we will introduce you to the team of Coasteer guides here at Hotrocks. Then you will be given a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, a pair of protective shorts and a helmet. You will also have brought your own pair of old trainers. When we’re fully kitted out we will then run through a detailed, fun and important safety brief complete with equipment checks.

Now ready to embark on our adventure, we hit the water!

Coasteering involves what we call adventure swimming. Sometimes through open water but mainly along the base of the sea cliffs, stopping on route to experience the rise and fall of the swell against the cliffs. This is known as the Coasteering Elevator.

On our Coasteer expedition you will contour the huge towering sea cliffs within which hide some of Cornwall’s deepest darkest smuggling secrets.

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Coasteering also involves a certain amount of rock climbing and scrambling. This means traversing the lower level sea cliffs, or climbing a small section, to get out of the water. The level of climbing can range from easy to very difficult; this will depend on you and your group's ability and comfort levels. Due to the low level of climbing, technical ropes will not be used as part of Coasteering.

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Obviously, what goes up must come down!! This is where the jumps come in. What better way to get from one section of the Coasteer to the next, than to jump off the cliffs into the ocean! An amazing experience in itself, our highly qualified guides will take you through, step by step, the safest techniques for entering the water from height. From 2ft to 35ft it’s enough to make even the bravest quiver in their wetsuit!! Don’t panic. If jumping isn’t your thing, there’s always an alternative route. The experience is entirely your own, we’re here to provide the adventure not to push you into it.

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Here at Hot Rock Coasteer the real fun happens around the rocks, where the water movement creates our own personal fun park! Depending on conditions, we will be experiencing the Coasteer flush... We’ll be spun around in real whirlpools that can grow up to 10ft in diameter and sucked under by Coasteering stoppers, which are very similar to waterfalls.

If you want to experience an adventure of a lifetime, with a twist! Grab your old trainers and come join the FUN!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!

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Coasteering Adventure

Numerous routes available. All equipment, changing facilities and experienced guide.

£45 per person (Duration, 2 hours)

Full Day Coasteering Adventure

For those of you with a full day to spare, and a bit more energy than most! We run your first 2 hour session in the morning. Break for lunch (Not provided) and head back out for the afternoon session for another 2 hours of coasteering ADVENTURES!

£80 per person (Duration 4 hours)

Discount available for large group booking

Hot Rock Coasteer are a Newquay based company, but also have a great advantage of being mobile. This helps our clients on lowering their travel time, which in turn increase's their activity time. Our Coasteering session's take place at an area called the Gazzle. The Gazzle sits just to the side of the famous Headland Hotel and Fistral beach.

We can also help provide Coasteering trips in most UK coastal locations.

From Central Square proceed along Fore Street until you come to a small roundabout. Continue across roundabout up Beacon Road then turn left on to Headland Road which is signposted to Fistral Beach. Continue along Headland Road until you get to the Carnmarth Hotel. We are located at the top right hand side of the carpark.

Car Parking

There are two pay and display car parks within walking distance and limited chargable parking onsite.

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We are proud to be associated with the British Coasteering Federation, the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority and to have the support of Snugg Wetsuits.

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