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Hotrock Coasteer are Newquay's original Coasteering specialist. We have been specializing in adventure activities since 1997. Hot Rock Coasteer are situated five minutes walk from Newquay Town Centre.

We have been providing Coasteering in Newquay and Cornwall for many years, David Harriss the founder of Hotrockclimbs and Hot Rock Coasteer was one of the original creators of Coasteering in Newquay. Hot Rock Coasteer and its team of specialist Coasteering Guides also help train new Coasteering providers in developing their own Coasteering skill's and training.

Coasteering in the UK has become one of the fasted growing extreme adventure sports, with Newquay and Cornwall becoming one of the leading Coasteering destinations in the UK.

With a combined 16 years dedication to developing Coasteering in Newquay and the UK, Hot Rock Coasteer has customized Coasteering in a fresh unique style that open's extreme adventure sport to all ages and abilities. creating a modern twist and promoting safety!

Coasteering is the ultimate ocean wilderness adventure sport. Exploring the rocky, towering sea cliffs of the UK, scrambling & rock climbing, adventure swimming, cliff jumping from 4ft to 35ft, exploring ocean caves, discovering old smugglers paths, whirling in whirlpools, spinning in stoppers and of course swimming with the local marine life.

If you find yourself searching for a new and exciting extreme adventure, then team up with the best in town, the UK's Coasteering specialists, Hot Rock Coasteer! - You'll love it!

We are proud to specialize!

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Coasteering Adventure

Numerous routes available. All equipment, changing facilities and experienced guide.

£45 per person (Duration, 2 hours)

Full Day Coasteering Adventure

For those of you with a full day to spare, and a bit more energy than most! We run your first 2 hour session in the morning. Break for lunch (Not provided) and head back out for the afternoon session for another 2 hours of coasteering ADVENTURES!

£80 per person (Duration 4 hours)

Discounts available for large group bookings

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Hotrockcoasteer have been organising kids Coasteering Adventure trips since 1997. Showing children how much fun can be had exploring in and around the sea has always been our main goal, as well as teaching everyone the hidden dangers of the ocean.

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Hotrockcoasteer are Registered with the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, all our Coasteering Guides have a great knowledge when working with children. We are also registered with the British Coasteering Federation.

For more information on our kids Coasteering Adventure Trips please contact us at Hotrockcoasteer.

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We are proud to be associated with the British Coasteering Federation, the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority and to have the support of Snugg Wetsuits.

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